Head Of Pomegranate: Deluxe Edition Island Haze Colour Vinyl LP, Bonus 7" Single + Signed Art Print


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‘Island Haze’ coloured vinyl + Bonus 7” + Signed Art Print.

Flamingods return with new album 'Head of Pomegranate', recorded in Atlanta by Grammy award-winning producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Deerhunter, M.I.A.).

The much-loved London quartet have now been crafting their distinctive genre-defying music for over a decade now. 

Stylistically and in typical nature of a Flamingods record, there are a lot of genres and sounds covered. Weaving through genres of psychedelia, new wave, electronica and punk – often within the same song – is a bit of a specialty for the band, as is their knack for blending in influences from their unique cultural heritages and love of 70s British rock and roll.

‘We’re a band of mixed-race boys making alternative rock music, something that’s quite rare within our scene. We’re very much influenced by our heritage but aren’t engrossed in making traditional or obvious rock music. We’d rather make it our own.’

Album opener and first single Dreams (On The Strip) sets the tone for the record, with its moody synthesizers, gritty drum machines and euphoric chorus. It’s a new era for the band and they want you to know this from the get-go.


Side A
1. Dreams (On A Strip)
2. Adana
3. The Dip
4. Dirty Money
5. Gutterball
6. Born Lucky

Side B
7. Volta Rocket
8. Tall Glass
9. Perfumed Garden
10. Eastern Cowboys
11. Head of Pomegranate



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