Terra Lightfoot

Healing Power: CD


Release Date: 13 October, 2023

JUNO and Polaris Prize-nominated Terra Lightfoot is returning with Healing Power (October 13, 2023), a new album in collaboration with Gus van Go which focuses on the themes of continual growth and change. The album’s lead single, “Cross Border Lovers,” is an upbeat pop rocker of longing, hope, and faith, inspired by fans in long-distance relationships affected by pandemic restrictions, as well as her own cross-border relationship. The new album is her third outing with Gus van Go, who produced, engineered and mixed most of the session, following 2017’s New Mistakes and 2015’s Every Time My Mind Runs Wild.


1. Cross Border Lovers
2. Need You Tonight
3. Long Way Down
4. Someone Else’s Feelings
5. Kept You In My Pocket
6. The Only One Of Your Kind
7. Come Back Around
8. Anyone But Me
9. Fired My Man
10. Penchant For Love
11. You Don't Get Me Now
12. Out Of Time

Sonic Unyon Records
CD Album