Jesper Kyd

Hitman: Codename 47 [Original Soundtrack]: Vinyl 2LP


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Hitman: Codename 47 was a relatively early score for Jesper Kyd, now a world-renowned, award-winning video game composer. It was as part of the European Demo Scene that Kyd first worked with the eventual founders of IO Interactive, going on to score their stealth-action debut. Despite the memory constraints of the DirectMusic system at the time, Kyd delivered a simmering combination of ambient and cinematic music. His signature sound of grand melodies set against groove-based electronica is in evidence here, especially in the hypnotic main title track.

Side A 

1. Intro 
2. Main Title (Extended Version) 
3. Hong Kong Themes 
Side B 
1. Hotel Themes 
2. Jungle Exploration 
3. Dark Jungle 
Side C  
1. Harbor Themes 
2. Hospital Themes 
Side D 
1. Hotel Early Demo (Bonus Track) 
2. Jungle Early Demo (Bonus Track) 
3. Atmosphere Demo 
4. Main Title Original Slow Version (Bonus Track)

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Vinyl LP