Hold On To Deer Life, There’s A Blcak Boy Behind: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 10 November, 2023

Kabeaushé once described their music as “the complete opposite” of the hardcore leftfield electronic sounds of their then labelmates on Nyege Nyege Tapes. And at the time that was true: the Kenyan polymath’s sound on their debut album The Coming of Gaze was fiercely and single-mindedly focused towards giddy pop rush, old school party hip hop upfulness, clean sounds, gentleness, bounciness, positivity and JOY.

Now, though, the lines are not quite so clear. On their new material for Monkeytown, a little more rawness, weirdness and rave energy seems to have soaked in. This isn’t just an effect of being around Nyege Nyege peers, mind – partly it’s the experience of playing at eclectic festivals all over the world and being exposed to all kinds of radical music, but even more so, it’s the expression of Kabeaushé’s own wild performance energy shining through via their alter ego “the Shé”.

Anyone who’s seen a Kabeaushé show will get it instantly. Their sets are far more than just performance, they’re a celebration, a communion, a party in which the audience gets what they give, and the Shé emerges. Kabeaushé / the Shé’s presence is angelic but also elemental, channeling modern pop energy but also something deep, ancient and profound. And it’s that which surges through HOLD ON TO DEER LIFE, THERE’S A BLCAK BOY BEHIND YOU!

A1. Sorry You’re Not What We’re Looking For
A2. Day One
A3. Banguk
A4. Mitte
A5. If It’s Flying, Fly!
B1. Go With Gut
B2. High Speed
B3. These Dishes Ain’t Gonna Do Themselves
B4. Imasaggi
B5. Deep Red

Vinyl LP