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Orlando Weeks

Hop Up: Limited Edition Blue Vinyl LP


Release Date: 21 January, 2022

Orlando Weeks presents his highly anticipated sophomore solo album; Hop Up. Featuring inspiring contributions from Katy J Pearson, Willie J Healey and Ben Reed (best known as part of Frank Ocean’s live band, he also played bass on the seminal Blonde album ), the Bullion produced record will be released on CD and as a must have limited edition blue vinyl.

Arriving in the wake of his critically acclaimed debut solo album A Quickening, Week’s forthcoming record once again leans into themes of new life & parenthood, but whereas his previous work catalogued the emotions, expectations and anxieties that accompany imminent parenthood, Hop Up is an altogether more joyous and life affirming statement.

Weeks notes “It started with the idea of wanting to fill in some of the blanks that I felt I had left with A Quickening, but quite quickly it turned into something broader. The choice was always to take the more positive and uplifting sounding step. Perhaps it shouldn’t have, but as an approach it felt surprisingly novel to me.”

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