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How Our Love Grows: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 24 November, 2023

STRABE are alt-pop duo Angelica and Emmet, whose debut album - How Our Love Grows - proves a bright, bittersweet exploration of grief, growth, gender, and personal evolution. Before their first body of work had a name, it had a colour - a deep vivid blue, beaming out of the cyanotype prints that Angelica began making throughout the writing process, and percolating like rushing water through the genre-fluid production work of Emmet. And even as ‘How Our Love Grows’ descends to its darkest depths, this same hopefulness sticks around. Like the cyanotype prints they experimented with throughout the process, it’s constantly drawing heavily from the world around it, and making beauty out of its bareness; always capturing the raw feeling of a moment against bold, reactive blue.

1. Evergreen
2. Honey
3. When We Move
4. All My Heart
5. Together Whenever
6. Tread With Care
7. Memories
8. Magnolia
9. Verona
10. Come Home
11. Subset
12. King Of The Sea

Vinyl LP