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Tracy Bryant

Hush: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 29 November, 2019

The soaring melodies of Hush are a breath of fresh air combined with an authentic lyrical perspective which approaches the sometimes taboo music industry and the characters which inhabit it. Bryant's most elaborate production yet is realized by the immaculate drumming & percussion of Nick Murray (Cate Le Bon, White Fence), precision bass by Brian Allen (Burnt Ones) and Kyle Mullarky. Guitars and piano are all played by Bryant himself. The album is mastered by world-renowned engineer Dave Cooley (Blood Orange, Ariel Pink, Animal Collective). Bryant and his band will be touring in the U.S. & Europe upon the release of Hush on First & Foremost Records in the U.S. & Taxi Gauche Records in Europe/UK.

Taxi Gauche
Vinyl LP