I Killed Your Dog: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 13 October, 2023

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer and curator L’Rain (Taja Cheek) returns with her third album I Killed Your Dog. Over-writing themes of grief and identity that informed her previous work, I Killed Your Dog considers what it means to hurt the people you love the most. Multi-layered in subject and form, L’Rain’s sonic explorations interrogate instead how multiplicities of emotion and experience intersect with identity. The experimental and the hyper-commercial; the expectation and the reality; the hope and the despair. “I’m envisioning a world of contradictions, as always,” Cheek explains. “Sensual, maybe even sexy, but terrifying, and strange.” Written amidst heartbreaks from the perspective of an earned maturity, I Killed Your Dog takes the sonic world laid out by L’Rain in 2021’s album Fatigue on a compelling new trajectory. Described by Cheek as an “anti-break-up” record, I Killed Your Dog takes the universal pop theme of love as its starting point – bold, bratty and even a touch diabolical – and inspects it through the form of a conversation with her younger self, untangling her relationship with femininity and the formal musical conventions that others have come to expect of her. Alongside long-time collaborators Andrew Lappin and Ben Chapoteau-Katz, Cheek has developed L’Rain into a shape-shifting entity that blurs the distinction between band and individual


1. Sometimes 
2. Sincerity Commercial 
3. r(EMOTE) 
4. Our Funeral 
5. Uncertainty Principle 
6. Pet Rock 
7. Oh Wow a Bird 
8. I Hate My Best Friends 
9. Knead Bee 
10. I Killed Your Dog 
11. Monsoon of Regret 
12. All The Days You Remember 
13. Clumsy 
14. 5 to 8 Hours a Day (WWwaG) 
15. What’s That Song? 
16. New Year’s unResolution

Mexican Summer
Vinyl LP