Bad Books

II - Revisited: Yellow & Blue Vinyl LP


Sorry Sold Out

Bad Books II was a remarkable release from the supergroup comprised of Andy and Robert from Manchester Orchestra plus Kevin Devine. The album, now 11 years old, is getting a curtain call. The three artists regrouped at Manchester Orchestra’s studio outside of Atlanta to record a stunning acoustic rendition of the classic with an adjusted track listing. The art has been reimagined as well creating a truly special package for fans of the band and album.

1. The After Party
2. No Reward
3. 42
4. It Never Stops
5. Pytor
6. No Sides
7. Lost Creek
8. Friendly Advice
9. Ambivalent Parks
10. Petite Mort
11. Forest Whitaker

Many Hats / Wax Bodega
Vinyl LP