Bobbie Gentry

I'll Never Fall in Love Again: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 17 June, 2022

Due to Bobbie's surprise U.K. No 1 hit in 1969 with her cover of the Bacharach & David song 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again', Capitol decided to include the track on Bobbie's next album. The songs all build on a country soul theme culled from the finest contemporary sources: on Harry Nilsson's 'Rainmaker' Bobbie delivers a familiar lyrical narrative of rural mysticism with the same melodic flair you'd expect from a Gentry original. In Rudy Clark's gospel waltz, 'If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody' her tone expertly shifts from stroppy anger to rueful tenderness. And on 'He Made a Woman out of Me' and George Jackson and Rick Hall's 'Find 'em, Fool 'em, Forget 'em' Bobbie had never before sounded so downright sexy. Best of all is the self-penned 'Fancy', which is one of Bobbie's most accomplished narrative songs, a musical cross between country, blues and pop that could define modern Americana. It went on to become her most successful single since 'Ode to Billie Joe'.

UMR / Virgin
Vinyl LP