Glass Animals

I Love You So F***ing Much: Limited Audiophile Vinyl LP


Release Date: 19 July, 2024

if you are like me and like to listen to vinyl a lot, this is the version for u. it’s cut deeper and louder for better signal to noise ratio and extra beefy low end to rumble your existential crisis into full bloom. of course to do that we needed to cut it across four sides, so it’s two discs of heavyweight vinyl housed in a double gatefold sleeve! and it comes with extended artwork by Lydia Roberts and liner notes by Gabrielle Zevin with a lyric booklet and printed inner sleeves. cut by the legendary Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, mastered by Chris Gehringer at Stirling Sound, and mixed by Manny Marroquin. recorded at my studio in Hackney. each disk is hand-etched by myself with the album title in the space in the inner diameter :) 

p.s. Artwork by the legendary Lydia Roberts
p.p.s. layout design by Stijn Van Hapert

Track listing:
Side A
1. Show Pony
2. whatthehellishappening?
3. Creatures in Heaven

Side B
1. Wonderful Nothing
2. A Tear in Space (Airlock)

Side A
1. I Can't Make You Fall in Love Again
2. How I Learned To Love The Bomb
3. White Roses

Side B
1. On the Run
2. Lost in the Ocean

Vinyl LP