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In Gravity: Silver Vinyl LP


Release Date: 31 May, 2024

In Gravity’ is the sound of a rebirth. Born from a period of pain, tragedy, isolation, yet hope about the future, ‘In Gravity’ emerges as an uplifting and crushingly precise statement about where Shrapnel are in 2023. A cathartic exercising of daemons, this is not an album that dwells on the past or leans on well-worn tropes but looks excitedly forward.

Drawing on Shrapnel’s ever-deepening well of experience and influence, ‘In Gravity’ marks a band at the height of their songwriting prowess. Whether dealing in extremity and complexity, Gojira-inspired bludgeoning heaviness, or a newly emerging sense of modern melodic maturity, Shrapnel are able to weave their sonic palette in new, genre-defying directions.

Helmed by Swedish super producer Jens Bogren (Sepultura) and featuring collaborations with Scott Kennedy (Bleed From Within) and modern shred virtuoso Bradley Hall, ‘In Gravity’ is an instant Album Of The Year contender for 2024. Shrapnel are breaking out of their shackles where others have failed and staking their claim to the British metal throne.


1. In Gravity
2. Amber Screams
3. Guardian
4. Breaker
5. Judgement
6. Dark Age
7. Follow The Cold
8. As Above…
9. So Below
10. Absolution

Vinyl LP