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Infections Of A Different Kind Of Human: Vinyl 2LP


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Release Date: 25 February, 2022

Infections Of A Different Kind Of Human is the complete collection of Infections Of A Different Kind and A Different Kind Of Human. Step I, release in 2018 was a claxon call, a call to arms, a record which oozes confidence, colour and intrigue.

“There’s a deeper understanding of myself and what I want to say and do than on my first album. It’s more tuned into my soul and who I am,” explains the Bergen-based artist of IOADK-SI. “It’s about the many, many different aspects of what it is to be human. It covers the way we hurt and we love and the way we are so beautiful but also so awful.” ‘Step 2’, as AURORA refers to it, is a record that focuses on the ecological crisis and the consequences of the rampant individualism so prevalent in today’s society.

Decca Records
Vinyl LP