Innuendo: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 25 September, 2015

Queen's 14th studio album, and their first of the 1990s, was recorded at Metropolis in London and Mountain Studios in Montreux between March 1989 and November 1990. Produced by Queen and David Richards, Innuendo contains several of the band's best-known hits and, subsequently, some of the most memorable and poignant videos. It would prove to be the last album Freddie worked upon and yet also, despite his palpably deteriorating health, a work containing some of his most powerful and emotive vocal performances of all.

1. Innuendo

2. I'm Going Slightly Mad

3. Headlong

4. I Can't Live Without You

5. Don't Try So Hard

6. Ride the Wild Wind

7. All God's People

8. These Are the Days of Our Lives

9. Delilah

10. The Hitman

11. Bijou

12. The Show Must Go On


Vinyl LP