Intimate Connection / Tonight: Vinyl 7"


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First UK release of rare US 7” version of ‘Intimate connection’

'Intimate Connetion’ by Kleeer on US 7” single is one record that's been indemand in recent times and has seen it's value soar in price. The rare 7” mix has never been previously released in the UK. 'Intimate Connection' is one of the smoothest of cuts of the early 1980s and that has a groove that glides effortlessly with great ease. For us in the shop it epitomises the changeover sound from full live bands to electronic based recordings with the amazing Deodato at the production helm overlording the groups synthesisers & drum machines. On the flip with 'Tonight' the jam continues with great aplomb and features it's distinctive vocoder lead. This was always one of the finest double headers of the 1980s and one that we're proud to be re-releasing in 2018.

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Vinyl 7" Single