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Delilah Holliday

Invaluable Vol. 1 & 2: CD


Release Date: 3 November, 2023

North London’s homegrown DIY icon Delilah Holliday will release her ‘Invaluable’ mixtape on November 3rd via One Little Independent Records, it incorporates ‘Invaluable Vol.1’ and ‘Vol. 2’, released on limited edition 12” transparent violet vinyl.

The ‘Invaluable’ mixtape exists in the space between fantasy and reality. It collects two EPs worth of downtempo electronic art pop with added layers of trip hop, and an intoxicating medley of heady synth, penetrated by dancefloor beats. It explores themes of growth, home and roots, as well as structural inequality and poverty. Above all, it’s about self-acceptance and self-love. Veering from industrial club anthems to atmospherically produced moments of euphoria, Delilah blends glitchy electronics with crisp rhythms, which were co-written and co-produced with composer Raphael Ninot.

1. Steel Charmed
2. Burn Money
3. Silent Streets
4. Everything I Ever Wanted
5. Looking Over My Shoulder
6. Heaven’s Waiting Room
7. Hesitate
8. Liquid Pearl
9. 1000 Transformations
10. Drugs Again
11. Travelled
12. Long Time Coming
13. On My Own Wave

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