Irreversible: Ocean Green Vinyl LP


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Formed in 2004 in York (UK), Deitus create sonic terror through the medium of Black Metal with no limits and no compromises. The band has two highly-acclaimed studio albums to date (‘Acta Non Verba’ - 2016 & ‘Via Dolorosa’ – 2018). The band's core line-up has remained a stable 3-piece since their inception, taking inspiration from such artists as Dissection, Slayer, GG Allin, Fields of the Nephilim and Bathory.

Deitus are notorious for their blood-drenched, rabid, violent live shows across the UK, Europe, United States and Mexico. They have received high praise for bringing an unpredictable and dangerous element back into the live setting and have played alongside such esteemed bands as Mayhem, Shining, Hellhammer, Rotting Christ and also at various festivals across the globe including Bloodstock Festival (UK), Netherlands Deathfest (NL), Odyssey To Blasphemy (DE), Winter Rising (FR) and Sangre Y Fuego para Mictlantecuhtli (MX).

The band recently completed their third full-length album, ‘Irreversible’ to be released through Candlelight Records in 2023, which will only serve to inflict the sinister and vicious art of Deitus to an even wider audience. ‘Irreversible’ will consolidate Deitus as masters of their craft whilst at the same time introducing a much more diverse sound overall with tracks such as ‘Voyeur’ – which features a collaboration with an independent female singer-songwriter along with their first ever music video. The new era of Deitus commences on 3rd March ’23 with the explosive, neck breaking new single ‘A Scar For Serenity’.

Vinyl LP