Island Records

The Island Book of Records - Volume One (1959-68): Hardback Book


Release Date: 3 May, 2024

The Island Book of Records brings the early years of this iconic record label to life. A fifteen-year labour of love, the volumes will fully document the analogue era of Island.

Lavishly illustrated with album cover design and photography, together with the exclusive interviews with of the musicians, designers, photographers, producers, studio engineers and record company personnel that worked on each project.

The volumes show in unique depth the workings of the label, covering every LP.

Featuring material from recent interviews and from media interviews of the time, and each including a comprehensive discography of 45s, the books are lavishly illustrated with gig adverts (very many at venues which no longer exist), concert tickets, flyers, international LP variants, labels, LP and 45 adverts and never-seen-before photographs.

These LP-sized editions are a collector’s dream, offering a truly unparalleled resource for those interested in music history and a perfect gift for any music lover.