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It's Over: 'Black Ice' Vinyl LP


Release date: 22 March, 2024

“Don’t come closer, because I might hurt you boy / You don’t deserve it, I treat you like a toy.” So sings 28-year-old South East London musician Tatyana on “It’s Over”, the sad and squelchy electro-leaning title track to her second album. Primarily written and produced over the summer of ‘23, It’s Over follows the loose trajectory of a not-quite relationship from the year before. But, more than that, it’s an album about modern dating, alienation and the confines of existing online.

If you’ve heard Tatyana’s name before, it’s probably because she released a debut album back in 2022, Treat Me Right, co-produced with Metronomy’s Joe Mount, a record she describes as more of a collaboration. For It’s Over, Tatyana took control of every aspect of the album’s creation, from the production (she co-produced it alongside Mikko Gordon) to the artwork and the technology she used throughout. “This record made me technically proficient because I really pushed myself,” says Tatyana. “I figured out a lot of things that I didn’t know before. In the past, I allowed others to lead the charge and I’m not doing that any more.”

Born in London, before moving to Russia, Holland and Singapore in her teens, before eventually studying music at Berklee College in the USA – which she attained on full scholarship – and then back to London, Tatyana imbues her music with both haywire technical proficiency and encyclopaedic, far-flung tastes. Mostly, though, her sound originates from a pure love of the dancefloor: Robyn, Tirzah, Mica Levi, Jessy Lanza, The Knife. You can hear these dance-pop influences everywhere, from the colourful synth shapes of “Control (ft. Dave Okumu)” to the crackling analogue hiss of “Nothing is True, Everything is Possible”. Lean in a little closer, too, and you might catch the shimmer of a harp on every song (she’s played harp since she was a little girl, and toured extensively as a professional session harpist). “I write about love, I write about romance, these are the things that interest me,” says Tatyana. “That’s what this record is. It’s about this relationship that broke my brain and I had to write about it.”

Vinyl LP