Jardin: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 13 October, 2023

MUNYA is a Montreal musician originally from Saguenay ( Quebec ) who learned the classical piano at the age of 4. As a teenager, she began performing and studying opera. At 16, she traded her classical music studies for jazz . And this, until the end of his university studies. In 2018 MUNYA begins to release her first productions which she records, plays and produces . His style? The " New Synth Folk ", with a touch of pop / indie / sitar / dance / R&B. Today, the artist announces her new album Jardin , which follows 2021's Voyage to Mars , an album she describes as an escape, an effort to push beyond the limits of reality. Recorded alone at home, Voyage to Mars highlights her talents as a director. For her new album, she wanted to take things a step further by working with multi-instrumentalist Kainalu , who eventually produced Jardin . Although the artist has a solid musical background, working with Kainalu has helped her evolve her musical vision. “ This album is about the people who raised me, the people who inspire me, the people who made me the artist I am today ,” says MUNYA. Gardenpays homage to the artist's mother and grandparents, but also to household names like Shania Twain, Maria Callas and Marvin Gaye. In the hometown of Josie Boivin (MUNYA), everyone has a garden. When the ground begins to thaw, people rejoice to see the perennials bloom as the days warm and pollinators return to the area. The garden is one of the places dearest to Josie, who remembers the long summers spent picking berries with her family in the area. MUNYA's childhood gardens were not perfectly sewn and manicured places, but spontaneous symbols of rebirth and renewal revered by all members of the community, who rejoice in their flowering.


1. Hello Hi
2. Nuit Blanche
3. Nelly
4. Bizarre Love Triangle
5. Sweety
6. Koko
7. Caramel (Mon Coeur S’ouvre À Toi)
8. Once Again
9. Un Deux Trois
10. Every Morning
11. Vanilla

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Vinyl LP