Killing Eve'r "Ode To The Lovers": Vinyl LP


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A special vinyl release of the Unloved tracks featured across all four seasons of Killing Eve. A single vinyl, featuring a die-cut sleeve and black wax.

Unloved's music perfectly set the mood for the groundbreaking BBC show Killing Eve. Over the show's four series, their tracks helped build the world which Villanelle and Eve moved through; their sound was distinctive enough as to almost become another character. Ode To The Lovers collects together all of the Unloved tracks featured on the soundtrack to Killing Eve series 1 - 4 that have never before been released on vinyl. This collection is mesmerizing and strange, full of timeless music that swoons and seduces. Whether you watched Killing Eve or not, this is a sound made for lovers, wherever they may be.


1. Strange Effect (Killing Eve)     
2. Eyes (Killing Eve)        
3. Anything to be cool (Killing Eve)          
4. Careful, Baby (Killing Eve)       
5. Two Minds (Killing Eve)           
6. Unloved Heart (Killing Eve)    
7. Dare or Truth (Killing Eve)      
8. La La La (Killing Eve)  
9. Without love (Killing Eve)       
10. Mama (Killing Eve)  
11. Carnival (Killing Eve)
12. Tales of the Unexpected (Killing Eve)
13. It won’t be long (Killing Eve)

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