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Robert Johnson

King Of The Delta Blues Singers Vol. 2: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 13 January, 2014

180 gram audiophile vinyl

Robert Johnson’s landmark recordings from 1936/37 have influenced a ton of musicians from later generations, including Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green and Eric Clapton to name but a few. However, Johnson’s records hardly sold during his lifetime and he mostly played at street corners and juke joints. It took until the reissue of his recordings in 1961 on the LP King Of The Delta Blues Singers that his work reached a much broader audience.

Nowadays, Robert Johnson is considered a master of the blues (particularly of the Mississippi Delta blues style) and one of the greatest guitar players to have ever lived. He also was one of the very first musicians to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. His poorly documented life has given rise to much legend. Since he made non- religious music, he was said to have sold his soul to the devil (according to myth, he made the pact with the devil at the crossroads at – most likely – the south of Rosedale, Mississippi). Sadly, the devil took his soul at the age of 27. Luckily, the original 1961 collection of his 1936/37 songs is now available in remastered form. Robert Johnson never sounded so alive before.

Side A
1. Kind Hearted Woman Blues
2. I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom
3. Sweet Home Chicago
4. Rambling On My Mind
5. Phonograph Blues
6. They’re Red Hot
7. Dead Shrimp Blues
8. Preachin’ Blues

Side B
1. I’m A Steady Rollin’ Man
2. From Four Till Late
3. Little Queen Of Spades
4. Malted Milk
5. Drunken Hearted Man
6. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
7. Honeymoon Blues
8. Love In Vain

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