Dana Gavanski

Late Slap: Limited Red Vinyl LP


Release Date: 5 April, 2024

There’s a party in Dana Gavanski’s head and everyone’s invited- well, kind of. Late Slap, Gavanski’s third album, gives voice to the highs and lows of the mindscape in all its joys and terrors, injecting some much needed playfulness into the process of writing about emotionally hard things. “The album holds together the seemingly disparate aspects of my character that I have sometimes tried to repress,” says Dana. “With this album I’m letting them into the room, celebrating them for all their strangeness a strangeness which I think we all, on some level, share."


1. How To Feel Uncomfortable
2. Let Them Row
3. Late Slap
4. Ears Were Growing
5. Singular Coincidence
6. Song For Rachel
7. Eye On Love
8. Ribbon
9. Dark Side 
10. Reiteration 

Full Time Hobby
Vinyl LP