Casey MQ

Later That Day, The Day Before, Or The Day Before That: Limited 'Stormcloud' Vinyl LP


Release Date: 7 June, 2024

Includes 24"x24" poster

"Remembering is not the opposite of forgetting," Casey MQ sings at the start of Later that day, the day before, or the day before that, his new LP and Ghostly International debut. It's a phrase fittingly misremembered from something the LA-based, Canadian-born composer came upon as he spiraled into unconscious and subconscious-led writing sessions at the piano. Casey’s known for his 2020 breakthrough release babycasey, which gave voice to songs seen through the lens of childhood, various film score work and collaborations with artists such as Oklou (who returns here), Eartheater, and Vagabon. His gifts as a producer and songwriter are rooted in textural world-building and the excavation of personal truth. With Later that day... he questions what is true entirely, understanding our mind's tendency to bend and project onto pictures of the past. Across vivid, baroque pop balladry, Casey MQ reorients his recording project and point of view under the notion that memories are malleable. All the joy, pain, love, and loss housed within remembrance is open to interpretation and deconstruction, which he does deftly, with curiosity and complete artistic freedom.


01. Grey Gardens
02. Asleep At The Wheel 
03. Me, I Think I Found It 
04. Dying 'Til I'm Born 
05. Is This Only Water
06. See You Later 
07. Baby Voice
08. Words For Love 
09 Tennisman9
10. The Make Believe (feat. Oklou)

Vinyl LP