Tiga & Hudson Mohawke

L'Ecstacy: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 8 March, 2024

The creative partnership between Tiga & Hudson Mohawke expresses a mutual love of “hardcore romance,” a liminal state where the bounds between euphoria, melancholy and the raw power of friendship disintegrate completely. Recorded in Los Angeles from 2019-2023, these commonalities ebbed and flowed through various recording sessions, culminating in their debut album - L’Ecstasy. Originally conceived as a hardcore rave project focusing on bleary-eyed 6am catharsis, the breadth of the project expanded to encompass their shared love of the music surrounding the 90s ravebiome, with chill-out quasi-IDM ambient - “Exit Warehouse at Dawn”, “LMZNIN” - creating space for the album’s tentpole anthems - “IN ORDER 2,” “VSOD,” “Ascending into the Clouds” - to breathe. 


A1 Exit Warehouse At Dawn
A2 Tr Smooth
A3 Night Is Not
A4 Vsod (Velvet Sky Of Dreams)
B1 Feel The Rush Feat. Channel Tres
B2 Buybuysell
B3 Love Minus Zero
B4 Natural Spirit
C1 Silence Of Love Feat. Jesse Boykins Iii
C2 Theme From Borneo Function
C3 Duro
C4 Polyvoxx
D1 Ascending Into The Clouds Feat. Elisabeth Troy
D2 Lmznin
D3 Winter Crush 
D4 In Order 2 

Turbo Sound
Vinyl LP