The Doors

Live At The Matrix 1967 - The Original Masters: Deluxe 5LP + 7" Vinyl Box Set


Release Date: 8 September, 2023

Very early on in their career, The Doors played at a small, hole-in-the-wall club called The Matrix, which was co-owned by Jefferson Airplane’s Marty Balin. The rule at the time was that bands from LA had to play The Matrix when they came to San Francisco as “tax” and homage to the bands that built the local scene. The Doors happily obliged, and co-owner Peter Abram recorded the band’s two shows – March 7 and March 10, 1967. The set features soon-to-be beloved covers by The Doors such as “Gloria” and blues favorites like “Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) ” that would define their influence and sound as they worked out originals like “Break on Through (To the Other Side).” The complete set from both shows was released once before, but it was discovered after release that they were taken from third-generation tapes of the recordings. In the ensuing years, The Doors have located the first-generation recordings, and this is the first time the sets from those nights will be released in full.


Side A - March 7, 1967 First Set
1.) Backdoor Man
2.) My Eyes Have Seen You
3.) Soul Kitchen
4) All Blues (Instrumental)

Side B
1)    Get Out Of My Life Woman
2)    When The Music’s Over

Side C - March 7, 1967 Second Set
1)    Close To You
2)    Crawling King Snake
3)    I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind
4)    People Are Strange
5)    Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

Side D 
1)    Crystal Ship
2)    Twentieth Century Fox
March 7, 1967 – Third Set
3)    Moonlight Drive
4)    Summer’s Almost Gone
5)    Unhappy Girl

Side E
1)    Woman Is A Devil / Rock Me Baby
2)    Break On Through (To The Other Side)
3)    Light My Fire

Side F
1)    The End
March 8 or 9, 1967
2)    The End (Partial) / Let’s Feed Ice Cream To The Rats

Side G March 10, 1967 – First Set
1)    My Eyes Have Seen You
2)    Soul Kitchen
3)    I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind
4)    People Are Strange

Side H
1)    When The Music’s Over
March 10, 1967 – Second Set
2)    Money
3)    Who Do You Love

Side I
1)    Moonlight Drive
2)    Summer’s Almost Gone
3)    I’m A King Bee
4)    Gloria

Side J
1)    Break On Through (To The Other Side)
March 10, 1967 – Third Set
2)    Summertime
3)    Back Door Man
4)    Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

March 7, 1967 – First Set

1)      Bag’s Groove (Instrumental)


Vinyl Box Set