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Jamie Lenman ft. The Heavy Mellow Band

Live In London: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 24 November, 2023

Jamie Lenman made his name as the singer, guitarist and songwriter in alt rock outfit Reuben, who toured and released relentlessly during the 2000s as part of the so-called “British post-hardcore renaissance” along with bands like Hundred Reasons, Biffy Clyro and Frank Turner’s Million Dead. 

After the band’s dissolution in 2008, Lenman took a long break from music only to return in 2013 with the colossal double album ‘Muscle Memory’, combining elements of jazz, folk and thrash. Over the next ten years he continued to tour with various backing bands and released a string of records via indie label Big Scary Monsters, including the acclaimed ‘Devolver’ in 2017 and career highlight ‘The Atheist’ in 2022. 

He continues to balance his musical efforts with his work as a journalist and illustrator for publications such as The Guardian, Rocksound and Doctor Who Magazine. He lives in Surrey, UK.

A1. Fizzy Blood (Live in London)
A2. The Fuck Of It All (Live in London)
A3. Blood, Bunny, Larkhall (Live in London)
A4. “It’s Nice To Be Back In Islington”
A5. One Of My Eyes Is A Clock
A6. Shower Of Scorn (Live in London)
A7. “It’s Going Good/Top Shelf”
A8. Song For Saturday (Live in London)
B1. “We Got So Much To Pack In”
B2. It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman (Live in London)
B3. I Ain’t Your Boy (Live in London)
B4. “I Like These Bits Where We Can Get Personal” 
B5. Nobody Loves You (Live in London) 

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Vinyl LP