L(oo)ping: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 16 June, 2023

L(oo)ping is a story that began with great trepidation and an initial polite refusal and may have never have been told. Even for Rone, who’s used to making bold moves, the orchestra had always seemed a step too far.

‘Motion’ laid the groundwork for L(oo)ping, a journey in which Romain Allender (who worked The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson and The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro amongst others) acted as a creative translator for Rone. Leafing through Rone’s repertoire he selected the tracks that would better lend themselves for symphonic reinterpretations.

The eleven pieces chosen each mark a different stage in Rone’s trajectory, from one of his first-ever productions, ‘Bora’, born in a studio flat in Paris in 2008 when he was still a student, all the way to the soundtrack composed for the 2022 short-film, ‘Ghosts’, written by Spike Jonze, directed and performed by (LA)HORDE. L(oo)ping isn’t just an orchestral re-telling of Rone’s work, however. New life has been breathed into the music through Allender’s arrangements as well as Rone’s own interaction with the Orchestre National de Lyon and conductor Dirk Brossé.

There’s a rich dramaturgy to the music, but not once does the acoustic trample on the electronic nor vice-versa. Rather, L(oo)ping manages to achieve an elegant and playful tight-rope balance between both voices that keeps listeners hooked on suspense and surprise

InFiné Music
Vinyl LP