Sad Boys Club

Lullabies From The Lightning Tree: Limited Colour Vinyl LP


Release Date: 5 May, 2023

London alt rock band Sad Boys Club's debut album 'Lullabies from The Lightning Tree', released 5th May 2023. Dark, mysterious, and brooding, Sad Boys Club are set to have their breakout year. 'Lullabies From The Lightning Tree' builds upon their previous string of EP releases that have seen them co-signed by the likes of Fred Macpherson, Matty Healy, Phoebe Bridgers and more. The album's lead single 'To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste Of a Good Wound)' was produced and mixed by the band's bassist Pedro Caetano and was a pivotal moment in the creation of the album. Emotionally charged and imbued with searing intensity, the song is ultimately rooted in improving oneself.


Side A

1. Peak

2. Delicious

3. The Cracking Song

4. To Heal Without A Scar (Is A Waste Of A Good Wound)

5. Lumoflove

Side B

1. Coffee Shop

2. Something Else

3. 2bites2it

4. Cemetery Song

5. (You’re) All I Wanna Ever Do

Modern Sky UK
Vinyl LP