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Many Faces Of Depeche Mode: Transparent White Vinyl 2LP


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Release Date: 3 February, 2023

Many Faces Of Depeche Mode: Gatefold Transparent Red Vinyl [200 Copies Available]

Double 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. An incontrovertible influence within the electro-indie music realm, Depeche Mode went from being a cult, fringe act to stadium megastars, unusual for a band that has strived to maintain it's own identity. They were one of the first acts to establish a sound based completely around the use of synthesizers, and although they began their existence as a bouncy dance-pop outfit, they gradually developed a darker, more dramatic sound that ultimately positioned them as one of the most successful alternative bands of all time. In The Many Faces of Depeche Mode we will explore a different side of them, including collaborations, their side projects, their influences, plus a revision of their fantastic catalog. With fantastic artwork and remastered sound, The Many Faces of Depeche Mode is the ultima addition to the Many Faces collection, and also remember that the album is not available on streaming platforms!
Vinyl LP