Matriarchy: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 17 May, 2024

Sophomore studio album from alt-pop icon girli.

'Matriarchy' is a rebirth for the celebrated, multi-faceted artist, as girli further explores her sound and takes the reins with full creative control, truly cementing her place as a cult figure and ambassador for the next gen of LGBTQIA+ music.

girli's passions have always migrated beyond music and she continues to use her platform to ignite conversations around feminism, sexuality, identity and mental health, opening up topics that most have always shied away from. Representation matters more so now than ever, and girli is ready to rewrite the rules.

Milly Toomey (AKA girli) has been on an explorative journey of self-discovery, only to conclude that she can't be boxed in. Her power is her vulnerability. Her courage is deep-rooted in years of self-reflection, feeling misshapen and not feeling as though she belongs. The North London native will forever use her platform to forge a new femininity, one that is bold and unrestrained. The new music comes fresh off the back of girli's 2023 EP why am I like this?, which includes previously released singles, 'Cheap Love', 'Imposter Syndrome' and 'I Really F**ked It Up'.


1. Be With Me
2. Nothing Hurts Like a Girl
3. Overthinking
4. Tokyo
5. Lose My Cool
6. Her Too
7. Crush Me Up
8. Out of Breath
9. Made to Break
10. Kind of Stuck
11. Feel My Feelings
12. Poser
13. Matriarchy
14. Happier Her

Vinyl LP