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Paolo Buonvino

MEDICI - Masters of Florence: 2CD


Release Date: 10 December, 2021

CAM Sugar is proud to present the first physical release, on LP and double CD, of the original soundtrack to the TV series “MEDICI - MASTERS OF FLORENCE” (2016-2019), that received international praise following the Netflix distribution. The original score composed by Paolo Buonvino brings the Italian Renaissance back to life. The soundtrack mixes traditional instruments belonging to classical music (a common practice with historical dramas) with smooth electronic elements, allowing the listeners to take a journey of exploration through one of the most exciting periods of European history as much as into one’s intimacy. The result is a score that is impactful and enjoyable for a broad audience, also thanks to the voice of Skin (Skunk Anansie), who performs “Renaissance” and “Revolution Bones”, respectively the theme songs to season 1 and season 2 & 3. The LP version offers a selection of the best tracks composed for the 3 seasons, while the double CD edition features the series’ complete soundtrack.


1    Lies     
2    Dulcis Amor     
3    The Engagement     
4    The Bank     
5    Vision     
6    The Conclave Procession     
7    Lorenzo The Magnificent     
8    War     
9    Dulcis Amor #2     
10    Vidi Aliam Bestiam     
11    Pleni Sunt     
12    Return To Florence     
13    The Play     
14    Gloria Patris     
15    Conium Maculatum     
16    Poison     
17    The Battle     
18    Ascent     
19    Love For Duty     
20    Sanctus Kyrie     
21    Plots     
22    The Contract     
23    Lorenzo's Kyrie     
24    Swords     
25    Prison     

1    Albizzi     
2    Firenze     
3    Contessina     
4    The Castle     
5    Bianca     
6    Cosimo's Thoughts     
7    A Moment Of Joy     
8    The Dome And The Plague     
9    Cosimo And Contessina     
10    The Truth     
11    Revolution Bones     
12    Attack On The Carriage     
13    La Giostra     
14    Pazzi     
15    Gratia Et Misericordia     
16    La Congiura Dei Pazzi     
17    The Vision Of The Future     
18    Deception     
19    Decadence     
20    Afterthought     
21    Alma Mia     
22    Renaissance    

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