Springtime Carnivore

Midnight Room: CD


Sorry Sold Out

Springtime Carnivore is the nom de tune of Greta Morgan. Earlier in the year, Morgan went through one of those break-ups that completely topples your world. Though it was as amicable as those things can be, the twenty-eight year-old musician felt shattered. She began working on songs for Midnight Room during those strange interludes last summer, ending an abundance of beautiful melodies in the melancholy ether.

The melodies came easily, but the words were initially harder to end. So she tried a new approach for Midnight Room’s lyrics, inspired by her own disjointed thinking during those months. When an intriguing phrase or evocative image occurred to her, she wrote it down on an index card. Sitting with the dozens of cards on the floor in front of her, Morgan would rearrange them until she found a way to make sense of it all. “I feel like I was asking a lot of questions during the making of the record that I still don’t really have answers to, but at least some of the songs were exploring that territory.”

1. Midnight Room
2. Face In The Moon
3. Into The Avalanche
4. Double Infinity
5. Raised By Wolves
6. Nude Polaroids
7. Under The Spell
8. Wires Crossing
9. Bad Dream Baby
10. Rough Magic

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