Michael A. Muller

Mirror Music: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 15 March, 2024

As co-founder of the band Balmorhea, composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael A. Muller has been at the forefront of developments in contemporary music for nearly two decades. The American artist’s Deutsche Grammophon solo debut album, Mirror Music, opens a new chapter in his creative career. Its sequence of ten luminous tracks, crafted in collaboration with friends and colleagues from around the world, embraces a multitude of sound colours and haunting melodic ideas.

Side A
01 Michael A. Muller, Danny Paul Grody - Mirror 1
02 Michael A. Muller, Chuck Johnson - Mirror 2 
03 Michael A. Muller, Vestals - Mirror 3 
04 Michael A. Muller, Ilyas Ahmed & Jonathan Sielaff - Mirror 4 
05 Michael A. Muller, Douglas McCombs - Mirror 5 

Side B
01 Michael A. Muller, Rama Parwata - Mirror 6 
02 Michael A. Muller, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Mirror 7
03 Michael A. Muller, Hania Rani - Mirror 8 
04 Michael A. Muller, Jon Porras - Mirror 9 
05 Michael A. Muller, Clarice Jensen - Mirror 10

Deutsche Grammophon
Vinyl LP