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Roger Eno, Brian Eno

Mixing Colours: CD


Release Date: 20 March, 2020

In their first collaboration Brian and Roger Eno present an anthology of sonic inspiration. Mixing Colours invites listeners into a prismatic world of calm and contemplation.

Based on a series of deliberately abstract colour names, this new recording evolved in a unique collaboration over several years by the innovative artists and brothers at the height of their poetic creativity.

1. Spring Frost     
2. Burnt Umber     
3. Celeste     
4. Wintergreen     
5. Obsidian     
6. Blonde     
7. Dark Sienna     
8. Verdigris     
9. Snow     
10. Rose Quartz     
11. Quicksilver     
12. Ultramarine     
13. Iris     
14. Cinnabar     
15. Desert Sand     
16. Deep Saffron     
17. Cerulean Blue     
18. Slow Movement – Sand

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