T. Rex

Molly Mouse Dream Talk: Limited Pink Vinyl LP


Release Date: 10 May, 2024

• All different alternate versions of songs featured on 1973’s Tanx album.
• Many appear on vinyl for the first time.
• Limited edition of 400 copies on Pink Vinyl with printed inner bags.

All royalties go to Light of Love Foundation for the Marc Bolan School of Music & Film.

Side A
1. Born To Boogie 
2. Easy Action
3. Country Honey 4. Broken Hearted Blues
5. Rapids
6. Tenement Lady
7. Darling (Mellotron vers)
8. Electric Slim & The Factory Hen
9. Shock Rock

Side B
1. Mister Mister 
2. The Street & Babe Shadow
3. Highway Knees
4. Mad Donna
5. Free Angel
6. Life is Strange
7. Left Hand Luke (Piano & Backing Vocals)

Solid Gold Records
Vinyl LP