Augustus Muller (Boy Harsher)

My Animal (Original Soundtrack): Red Vinyl LP


Release Date: 8 December, 2023

Augustus Muller (Boy Harsher) announces the score for the movie My Animal, directed by Jacqueline Castel feat. Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games, Star Wars) and Bobbi Salvör Menuez (I love Dick, Something In The Air). The score marks Muller’s debut as feature film composer. 

My Animal (premiered at the 2023' Sundance Film Festival), screenplay written by Jae Matthews (Boy Harsher), tells the story of Heather, a strong, defiant young woman who lives in a rural northern town and desires to play on the local hockey team. She meets and falls deeply in love with Jonny, a figure skater new to the area. Their relationship flourishes despite Heather’s hidden personal struggles with her alcoholic mother, her unaccepted sexual orientation, and a familial curse which transforms her, her twin brothers, and her father into feral wolves once a month. Heather and Jonny’s tryst soon clashes against their small community, exposing the truth and prompting a passionate, violent night of personal transformation. 

Augustus Muller wrote and recorded the score at his home studio, primarily used hardware and analog synthesizers, in Northampton, MA. With director Jacqueline Castel, Muller pays homage to Klaus Schulze music for ‘Angst' and John Carpenter's 'Assault on Precinct 13' as major influences. Muller embarked on his composing career in 2019, crafting captivating scores for two short films for the adult film site, 'A Four Chambered Heart'. The scores, titled 'Machine Learning Experiments', were released in 2020, showcasing his talent with their innovative soundscapes. In 2023, Muller joined forces again with 'A Four Chambered Heart', composing two more scores, entitled 'Cellulosed Bodies'. 


A1 Transformation #1 
A2 Sanctuary 
A3 A Walk Home 
A4 A Soft Howl 
A5 Winter Drone 
A6 Patts Theme 
A7 Casino Drive 
A8 The Slots 
A9 Transformation #2  
A10 Drone (Dream Theme) 
A11 Soft Love 
A12 Soft Love (Slow) 
A13 Hockey Tryouts  
B1 Back of Your Car 
B2 Making Love 
B3 Climbing Sadness 
B4 Heart to Heart 
B4 Crybate 
B5 Sudden Loss 
B6 Out Of Time 
B7 Climbing Sadness (The Funeral) 
B8 Outside The Rock 
B9 Somethings Building 
B10 Transformation #3 

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Vinyl LP