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Denis Stockhausen (KOMPAKT)

My Dear: CD


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"Hello My Dear,Thankyou so much for your visit and this unforgettable night at my favourite club. Dancing with you and losing not only all sense of time but also all disturbing thoughts was very refreshing and precious for my soul and mind! I still carry the beautiful memories in my head and so many tracks I cannot forget -they are playing on repeat! The peak of the night was fun, but once the end of the rave loomed and the morning slowly dawned, the music and atmosphere became even more wonderful. Everything seemed so liberated and true to me and I had the impression that the people around us felt the same way. We were all immersed in this mad rush of music with our longing to finally sink into it unconditionally. Rarely have I had such intense moments of happiness on a dance floor. Pure magic!Good thing a club night also has an end, otherwise my heart would have been lost forever that morning. That's the soundtrack of my life and I'm dying to listen to it again!See you soon and don't forget: after the rave comes sun!Muchlove from Cologne" MY DEAR is a party series at the infamous Gewölbe club in Cologne, brought to life in 2012 by Kompakt ́s very own Denis Stockhausen. His favourite Live-Acts and DJs are invited to play or perform the best music in this intimate venue for a passionate audience. It's only about love for the music and the wide open space of romantic pop techno & dream dance.To celebrate the 11th anniversary of the party series, a compilation with exclusive dance hits by your favourite artists for the most intense club moments in the early morning hours will be released on the new record label MY DEAR. We are curious to see where the journey will take us. Cheers 2023!

My Dear
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