John Myrtle

Myrtle Soup: Signed Exclusive Red + White Splodge Vinyl LP + A5 Lyric Booklet


Release Date: 4 February, 2022

Red and white splodge coloured vinyl, sleeve signed by John Myrtle, with A5 lyric booklet.

It’s album time for John Myrtle, London based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Myrtle offers us a sip of his debut album ‘Myrtle Soup’ - an exploration of love and identity, packaged in an entity designed to warm and soothe, out 18th June 2021.

Eccentric indie-popper John Myrtle walks us through sun-soaked love anthems, and heartfelt ballads, set perfectly to suit a perfect summers evening. Turning worries and fears into rose-tinted charm, Myrtle is guaranteed to brighten every mood.

‘Myrtle Soup’ is an exploration of love and identity, diffused within the difficult and lonely period of writing during lockdown, packaged together as a homely bowl of soup. “What’s more soothing and reassuring than a homemade bowl of soup!? I want people to play this record and enjoy my homemade sounds with a nice calm sigh!”

“In lockdown, writing and recording from home was amplified even more - just doing everything at home was the only thing you could do. Before I would write and record, then leave my house and go have fun. It was obviously quite a distressing time for everyone, and so I wanted a name that was homely but also soothing and reassuring.”

Sad Club Records
Vinyl LP