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Mysteries Of Funk: Silver Vinyl 3LP


Release Date: 10 November, 2023

Grooverider, born Raymond Bingham, is a British drum and bass DJ. He and DJ partner Fabio are regarded as “originators” of the scene. Grooverider began DJing at illegal raves and warehouse parties in the UK in 1987 and rose to prominence with partner Fabio through his sets at club nights such as the groundbreaking ‘Rage’ at Heaven.

As a recording artist, Grooverider has released one album, Mysteries Of Funk (1998). The album is produced in conjunction with Optical and includes the singles “Rainbows Of Colour” and “Where’s Jack The Ripper?”.

Mysteries Of Funk is available as a 25th anniversary edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on silver coloured vinyl. This 3LP set includes printed innersleeves housed in a slipcase.

Side A

1. Cybernetic Jazz
2. Rainbows Of Colour
Side B
1. On The Double
2. Time & Space 

Side C
1. Where’s Jack The Ripper?
2. Fly With Me
3. C Funk

Side D
1. Starbase 23
2. Time & Space (Heaven Mix)
3. Rivers Of Congo

Side E
1. Imagination (Part 1 & 2)
2. 560°
3. Imagination (Part 3)

Side F
1. Stay With Me
2. Rainbows Of Colour (Heavens Breath) 

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