Sports Team

Gulp! Signed Hot Red Vinyl LP


Release Date: 23 September, 2022

Well, this is it. Another year, another dollar. We’re back with another album of pumped-up, market-ready indie rock (Plus Zinc!)! So, slip out of your Birkenstock clogs and into something a little less comfortable. An opening salvo for the apocalypse, ‘Gulp!’ Is Nostradamus with a fuzz pedal, Alex Joes doing slam poetry in the last wetherspoons standing after it all goes up in flames. It’s a trojan horse of happy, radio-ready indie rock, but don’t be fooled. The archangels come down from heaven to tell of the GOOD NEWS and are promptly baton-charged. The apocalypse begins and is largely lost in the background hum of instant-gratification, isotonic sports drinks and the weather. You can’t eat your NFTs in the nuclear winter, so grab your colleagues tight and join us in a song. All together now…

Island Records
Vinyl LP