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The Redskins

Neither Washington Nor Moscow: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 5 January, 2024

Repress of the 2021 reissue the 1986 debut album - and only studio album – by Redskins, ‘Neither Washington Nor Moscow’, on black vinyl, and 4 x CD Boxset.  

LP Tracklisting

A1.  The Power Is Yours

A2.  Kick Over the Statues!

A3.  Go Get Organized!

A4.  It Can Be Done!

A5.  Keep On Keepin’ On!

A6.  (Burn It Up) Bring It Down! (This Insane Thing)

B1. Hold On! 

B2. Turnin’ Loose (This Furious Flames)

B3. Take No Heroes!

B4. The Crack

B5. Let’s Make It Work!

B6. Lean On Me! 

B7. Lean On Me! (Reprise - ‘The Return Of The Modern Soul Classic’

London Records
Vinyl LP