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Tim Hecker

No Highs: CD


Release Date: 7 April, 2023

The latest by Canadian composer Tim Hecker serves as a beacon of unease against the deluge of false positive corporate ambient currently in vogue. Whether taken as warning or promise, No Highs delivers –this is music of austerity and ambiguity, purgatorial and seasick. A jagged anti-relaxant for our medicated age, rough-hewn and undefined.Morse code pulse programming flickers like distress signalswhile a gathering storm of strings, noise, and low-end looms in the distance. Processed electronics shiver and shudder against pitch-shifting assemblages of crackling voltage, mantric horns (including exquisite modal sax by Colin Stetson), and cathedral keys. Throughout, the pieces both accrue and avoid drama, more attuned to undertow than crescendo. Hecker mentions “negation” as a muse of sorts –the sense of tumult without bombast, tethered ecstasies, an escape from escapism. His is an antagonism both brusque and beguiling, devoid of resolution, beckoning the listener ever deeper into its greyscale alchemies of magisterial disquiet.track listing: 1. Monotony 2. Glissalia. 3. Total Garbage 4. Lotus Light 5. Winter Cop 6. In your Mind 7. Monotony II 8. Pulse Depression 9. Anxiety 10. Sense Suppression 11. Living Spa Waterpress quotes for krank219 Konoyo:"On the most adventurous pieces, the instruments are made to shiver and thrash as if on a hospital gurney, struggling for equilibrium, as Hecker’s trademark plumes of static billow beneath.” The Guardian“..Another excellent example of the distinct mixture of bleakness and majesty which he excels at creating.” Allmusic


"You might also hear the elegiac rise and fall of Stars Of The Lid, an emotional Hollywood score or William Basinski's sound of decay. However, as Konoyo unspools, you may look back and realize that this all combines to sound like no one other than Hecker.” Resident Advisor

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