Soft Cell

Non Stop Erotic Cabaret ....And Other Stories: Live in London: Purple Sparkle 4LP


Release Date: 15 March, 2024

 Live from London's Hammersmith Apollo the iconic album Non Stop Erotic Cabaret in it's entirety plus hits, rarities and new tracks.

Tracklisting:  Side A Torch /  Bruises on all my Illusions /  Happy Happy Happy

Side B Monoculture / Heart Like Chernobyl / Nostalgia Machine / Kitchen Sink Drama

Side C Where The Heart Is / Divided Soul / L’Esqualita

Side D Martin / Art of Falling Apart

Side E Frustration / Tainted Love / Seedy Films / Youth 

Side F Sex Dwarf / Entertain Me / Chips on my Shoulder

Side G Bedsitter Secret Life Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Side H Purple Zone / Memorabilia

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