Orbital: Expanded 4CD Boxset Edition


Release Date: 19 April, 2024

Expanded 4 x CD Boxset version, including over 40 tracks and 2 exclusive live sets. Includes a 60 page 12” x 12” book, documenting Orbitals story and history.

"Orbital’s exploratory debut album re-wrote the rule book for rave" - DJ Mag

Originally released on September 30, 1991, Orbital’s eponymous debut album became known as “The Green Album” to distinguish it from their second album (known as “The Brown Album”)

The Green Album includes the seminal ‘Belfast’ and a live version of ‘Chime’, the landmark dance track that launched their career in 1990

Last available on vinyl in 2015 - long sold out

The album will also be remastered by the band themselves and represented in multiple formats, to be released alongside the band’s ‘Green and Brown Album’ UK tour that starts on 24th April

London Records
CD Box Set