Package Pt. 2: Emerald Green Vinyl LP


Release Date: 5 April, 2024

Gustaf, the Brooklyn no wave / post-punk band helmed by Lydia Gammill, has announced their sophomore album for April 5th via Royal Mountain Records. Their first album since 2021’s Audio Drag for Ego Slobs, which nabbed the band a Beck cosign, tours with Idles, Sleaford Mods, and Yard Act, and critical acclaim, Package Pt. 2 continues the endlessly fascinating world-building exercise of its forbearer. Produced by Erin Tonkon, who worked on David Bowie's Blackstar, the album was recorded at Studio G Brooklyn and Circular Ruin.


Side 1
1. Statue
2. Close
3. What Does It Mean
4. Starting And Staring
5. I Won
6. Weighing Me Down

Side 2
1. Here Hair
2. Hard Hair
3. Produce
4. Happiest Thought
5. Ground
6. End Of The Yea

Royal Mountain Records
Vinyl LP