Christopher Bear +
Daniel Rossen

Past Lives (OST): White Vinyl LP


Sorry Sold Out

Original Soundtrack for A24’s Past Lives, featuring original score by Christopher Bear and Daniel Rossen and the original song “Quiet Eyes” by Sharon Van Etten. Pressed on cloud white vinyl, with original paintings by renowned artist Na Kim.

  1. If You Leave Something Behind
  2. Crossing
  3. You Gain Something Too
  4. Do You Remember me
  5. I Remember You
  6. Across The Ocean
  7. Crossing II
  8. In Yun
  9. We Live Here
  10. Why Are You Going to New York
  11. Staring at a Ghost
  12. Bedroom
  13. An Immigrant and a Tourist
  14. Eight Thousand Layers
  15. See You
  16. Quiet Eyes (Sharon Van Etten)
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Vinyl LP