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Andrew Weatherall +
Nina Walsh

Phonox Nights: CD


Release Date: 24 November, 2023

Named after the Brixton club where it was road-tested, Phonox Nights is the last album conceptualised and completed by Nina Walsh and Andrew Weatherall at her Facility 4 studio before his February 2020 passing. Starting with the sleek acid majesty of the percolating title track, Andrew playing ethereal synth lines at Nina's coaxing, Phonox Nights' rapturous blend of slow burning acid house and luminescent dub disco tops the pair's 30 year creative relationship with their masterpiece.


1. Phonox Nights
2. Cryptic Numeric
3. Bone Pointer
4. Infidelity Of Time
5. Wolves Don't Chase Hope (They Chase Rabbits)
6. Gates To The South
7. Church Of Burnt Offerings
8. Boots & The Pike
9. One Part Disco

Facility 4
Vinyl LP