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Lande Hekt

Pottery Class: Vinyl 7" Single


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Release Date: 9 June, 2023

Lande Hekt continues her poignant musical introspection with two singles ‘Pottery Class’ and ‘Axis’. Bittersweet ‘Pottery Class’ captures the feeling of yearning for someone and longing for a space to share with that person. In the song, Lande reflects: “we could move to the city, go to shows and join a pottery class / But you’d always be overwhelmed by everything that moves too fast / I don’t care where we live, I just want you back.”

Second single, ‘Axis’, conveys wistful and fleeting thoughts of loneliness and the desire for freedom, transforming elusive feelings into concrete experiences: “Late nights keep me down but it’s different from how it used to be / Birds fly past the window and Lola wishes she was free.” After spinning in a hazy stream-of-consciousness amongst hypnotic guitar-driven instrumentals, Lande resigns “It’s always the bad days that keep me from pushing forward.”

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Vinyl 7" Single