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Public Enemy

Power To The People And The Beats - Public Enemy's Greatest Hits: CD


Release Date: 1 August, 2005

Public enemy are one of the most important bands not just in hip hop, but in music. They revolutionised the hip hop sound in the late 80's and brought music back from disposable, image-obsessed pop with a musical force designed to return meaning and politics to popular culture. With a tracklisting approved by Chuck D, this is the first album to collect together their fiercest lyrics, their huge 'bomb squad' sounds and their most powerful beats.

1    You're Gonna Get Yours     
2    Public Enemy No. 1     
3    Rebel Without a Cause     
4    Bring the Noise     
5    Don't Believe the Hype     
6    Prophets of Rage     
7    Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos     
8    Fight the Power     
9    Welcome to the Terrordome     
10    911 Is a Joke     
11    Brothers Gonna Work It Out     
12    Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man     
13    Can't Truss It     
14    Shut Em Down     
15    By the Time I Get to Arizona     
16    Hazy Shade of Criminal     
17    Give It Up     
18    He Got Game

Def Jam / Universal
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